quarta-feira, 9 de abril de 2014

Postais de Páscoa com a sigla MBH, datados de 1914 - Easter postcards with MBH abbreviation, dated 1914

Nada sei acerca da autora, ou autor destes belos postais. A sigla MBH surge em todos eles, e é quase certo que se refere às iniciais do nome do autor (a). Certezas apenas a da data, 1914, a  beleza dos mesmos, e a firma que os comercializou, Raphael Tuck and Sons.
 Espero que gostem.

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  1. Prachtige plaatjes, dank hiervoor. A happy easter for you!

  2. Dear Elizabeth,

    Thank you! I was very pleased with your comment.
    I had already noticed that some of the entries on my blog came from the Netherlands, but Elizabeth was the first to comment.
      As you may have noticed, I particularly like the illustrations of the twentieth century, or even nineteenth. I collect old postcards, as well as tableware. I also have a predilection for Victorian painting.
    I am sorry that, in some cases, as with this post, I can not give more information about the cards.
    At this time I would like to know your Matern language, but failing that, the English must be the option ...
    I sincerely hope that you continue to visit my blog, and who knows, maybe one day you can visit my country, Portugal.

    A great Easter to you and your family!

    A friendly hug

    Alexandra Roldão