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Susan Beatrice Pearse ( 1878 - 1980)

Susan Beatrice Pearse (1878 – 1980) foi uma ilustradora britânica de livros infantis, a qual ficou conhecida através da serie Ameliaranne. Esta serie foi publicada entre 1920 e 1950 por George G. Harrap,  Londres. 
Também fez desenhos para postais, e com frequência aí incluía desenhos de bonecas.
Viveu 102 anos, mas a sua obra será certamente eterna!

Susan Beatrice Pearse was a British illustrator of children's books best known for the Ameliaranne series of books.This series of 20 children's books was published between 1920 and 1950 by George G. Harrap of London. 
She also created drawings for greeting cards and often included pictures of dolls in her work.
She died at the age of 102, but her work will surely be eternal!

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  1. Cute, cute, cute!!! I adore all of them but my favorite is the image with the two little cherubs sitting on as branch! Their little bodies and tushies are so cute I feel like pinching them lol!!

    Gunnvor Karita :-)

    1. My dear Gunvor Karita,
      Thank you for your words. I'm very glad you enjoyed it. This type of illustration is really a delight. I am a collector of old children's books, and I never tire of admiring the charm of these images. But my favorite is undoubtedly Cicely Mary Barker.
      From what I've seen, and like me, you are also a fan of fairies, angels, and elves. It's a wonderful world!

      Thanks for your visit,
      Love and light

      Alexandra Roldão