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Frederick Hines, pintor inglês (1875 - 1928) - Frederick Hines, english painter (1875 - 1928)

Frederick Hines viveu em Essex e Londres, e era o filho mais velho de John Hines, um trabalhador de folha de flandres, casado com Eliza de quem teve outros três filhos, incluindo Theodore Hines, que também foi pintor com um estilo similar ao do irmão.
 Frederick casou com Agnes em 1898 e tiveram duas filhas Olive e Mavis.

Foi membro da Real Academia pintando essencialmente aguarelas de animais e cenas rurais, que retratou num estilo romântico e sensível. Expôs regularmente na Royal Academy e principais galerias de Londres e vendeu numerosas obras. Assinava frequentemente as suas aguarelas como Fred Hines. Ilustrou muitas obras, incluindo uma edição do Goldsmith "The Deserted Village", juntamente com Ernest Wilson. Algumas das suas ilustrações, pequenas vinhetas de paisagens, foram usadas ​​como cartões de Natal sendo descritos como requintados num artigo do London Standard de 17 de Dezembro de 1885.

Frederick Hines was an artist in the 19th Century. He lived in Essex and London and was the eldest son of John Hines, a tinplate worker. He and his wife Eliza had three other children including Theodore Hines who was also an artist working in a similar style to that of his brother. Frederick married Agnes in 1898 and they had two daughters Olive and Mavis.

Frederick Hines was a member of the Royal Academy frequently painting watercolours of figures, animals and rural scenes which he portrayed in a romantic and sensitive style. He exhibited reguarly at the Royal Academy and leading London galleries and sold numerous works. He often signed his watercolours with a signature of Fred Hines. He also illustrated many works including one edition of Goldsmith's "The Deserted Village" along with Ernest Wilson. Some of his illustrations, small vignettes of landscapes, were used as Christmas cards and were described as 'exquisite' in an article in the London Standard of December 17, 1885.

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  1. Bonjour,
    J'aime beaucoup les images dans les teintes de bruns, elles ont un charme particulier.
    Merci beaucoup!!!

  2. Fascinating information about my great-grandfather. Thank you. Cyn

    1. Dear Cyn,

      I am very pleased that my post was seen by a descendant of this painter that I love so much!!
      When I published it I could not imagine that this could happen!
      Thank you so much!

      Alexandra Roldão

    2. Hola Alexandra:
      It's an honour to find someone who loved Great-grandfather Fred's work. He was a kind and gentle man who focussed each morning by carrying an egg on a spoon to his studio.
      I am curious about how you first learned of him.

    3. Hello again, dear Cyn!

      First of all I must tell you that I'm a fan of every paintings or illustrations from the victorian times. As you can imagine your Great- grandfather is one of many painters at the time.
      In second, I don't know nothing about his work untill, by chance, one day I enter in the Illustration Archive, UK. Then I folow my instint and in the field TAGS ILLUSTRATIONS I start looking for victorian images and...in the following link:

      ....My mouth is open with the beauty of the works that illustrated books of poetry, religious, etc.

      After I'm wondering who was this man, and other sites make the rest, that is the information about his life.

      A big hug from Portugal

      Alexandra Roldão

  3. Hi Alexandra ~

    Thanks for sharing your passion of the Victorian era.

    You maybe interested in this link to a Pinterest board https://www.pinterest.ca/cynoptix/fred-hines-watercolour-artist/
    where I've included images from my family's private collection.

    Lovely to have connected Canada to Portugal. ♡ Cyn

    1. Dear Cyn,

      I have no words to express my contentment for sharing this treasure which is the works of your great-grandfather, most of which were totally unknown to me. In particular, the one in which explains that the picture had been offered by the painter to one of its three daughters when she married with a Canadian soldier in 1918! A delight!! I love these stories that unite generations. I found out why you write love to connect Canada to Portugal. ;)
      As I also love genealogy, I was wondering why you tell me about Canada, if your great-grandfather was English? The reason is discovered !! ;)
      Thank you so much for this unexpected gift and whenever you want give me news, okay?

      Great hug from Portugal!!!

      Alexandra Roldão