sábado, 6 de maio de 2017

Beautiful Things from the Past

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  1. Again, this is not a joke. I can claim you for damages and what you do will be severely punished. You can use the pictures but it has to be made sure where the pictures are from and that I get the click on my blog.
    Please change this or remove the pictures. I can prove that the pictures are from my blog.
    Please change that then everything is fine.
    I will also check if you actually do that.

  2. Dear Zauberfee,

    All the images in this post are taken from Pinterest. I don't remenber when, or from what albuns I take them, but they are in Pinterest. I don't have more informations about...
    If you are the owner of the images you can always complaint with Pinterest, because the images circulate without control. While some users post their source, others do not. I have already been the target of some improper uses of images that I recreated with montages and collages made by me. So we have in our hands the good and bad side of the internet.

    Best regards

    Alexandra Roldão